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About Us was prepared in 2011 by Jacqueline Thompson. This website was prepared with the goal of providing the students who are looking to enroll for a degree in management with a sufficiently explanatory and helpful point of access for all the information they would ever need. A friend of mine was looking for a course of master’s level in management. While helping him in this hunt for courses, we noticed that the information was not available in a single location. As such it was pretty arduous to collect the data. So in order to save future information seekers on the internet, we decided to compile all the collected data into a single website and place it for the ease of students looking up information on online degrees in the field of management.

This website has details about the stream of management, the various types of online degrees available in the field of management, the colleges that offer these degrees, the career perspectives for the students once they complete the degree programs. This way, instead of being boggled by the data at various sites existing for the purpose of student information, a student wishing to get information could get all the required data at a single page.

Though we shall sincerely try to keep the information available onm our website up to date, it may happen that we miss a thing or two in this vast information era where facts change at so fast a pace. We would really appreciate if our visitors could point out the mistake through an email so that we may correct it.

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